Our Clients
We take immense pride in working with some of the leading innovative companies in their fields. We love to be a part of the amazing things our clients do, and strive to provide the best services to help them reach their goals.

As you can see, our clientéle is very diverse - we develop the right solution to suit their needs ,regardless of the target industry. We have done and continue to work for the aerospace, medical, consumer product, and other industries. Get started to discuss your project and get a detailed breakdown of a proposed timeline, milestones, and budget.

Below are a few of our key clients and their testimonials.

"Aptus has developed custom machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and computer vision technologies to solve some of our most complex automated medical assessment problems."
Daniel Lieberman, MD, Medical Director
"Stottler Henke has leveraged Aptus’s FlightGear and engineering expertise to efficiently incorporate FlightGear functionality into its MH-60 helicopter part-task trainer utilized by the US Navy and the Australian Navy."
Robert Richards, PhD, Business Development Manager
"Aptus Engineering did a highly professional job. The dicussions came to the point, feedback was incoorporated promtly and timelines and cost estimates were met. Although the complexity of our problem statement increased on the run, Aptus took action and made it work."
Wieland Reichelt, Chief Executive Officer
"Aptus worked very closely with us to develop a robotic system to help train foosball players. They designed our system, developed a PCB, our web app and wrote the firmware. They're also developing AI and computer vision systems for us!"
Bryan Hendricks, President
"Aptus has provided exceptional engineering services to Teseract in designing a long endurance electric unmanned aircraft, and helped with a wing re-design for an existing aircraft to boost performance and endurance."
Kevin Garcia, President
"Aptus has been extremely effective in pushing the envelope forward for our technology. Very knowledgeable and transparent team. Easily one of the best teams that I've worked with."
William Deng, Chief Technology Officer
"Aptus aided Cleo Robotics in the design and implementation of a control system for our unique drone, which improved its stability and controllability. Their experience, work ethic, and knowledge exceeded our expectations."
Simon Czarnota, Chief Technology Officer
"I found Aptus to be really easy to work with, they are friendly and trustworthy. Their wealth of knowledge, ranging from Robotics and Computer Vision to Aerospace systems helped us move forward our project."
Menachem Fehler, Chief Executive Officer
The team at Aptus went above and beyond for us, ensuring they met the timeline and budget.
Joshua Portlock, PhD
CTO, Scientific Aerospace
We are extremely happy with the work done by Aptus. They were proactive, fast and professional.
Barbara Hunter
VP of Marketing, Ziegler & Ames
Enjoyed working with these guys. One of my best experiences so far. Very professional and adheres to schedule.
Mike Johnson
Owner, Sienu Energy
Aptus is outstanding! They are skilled, detailed, responsible, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.
Michael Chung
Founder & CEO, Badgii
They had a lot of expertise in microcontroller development. Highly recommended.
Jose Lopez
Independent Client
Excellent work! Very pleased with the detail of the design!
Catlin Bartman
Exploitation Engineer, CNRL

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